Protective Table Pads

Published: 13th April 2011
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By continuously using your dining table, it can be stained, scratched and broken in the near future. It is most important that you take care of it by using table pad. You can protect your dining table from scratches. Table pads are also called Table Mats or Table Protectors which are made for protecting your table top. You will get this table pad in all sizes, shapes and designs as per your need. You can easily purchase one for your dining table from Table Pad Factory. We are the manufacturers of table pads which are high in quality and at affordable cost.

We manufactures top table pads that fit round, oval, square, rectangular and all other shaped tables. We provide table pads and table protectors for coffee tables, kitchen tables, dining tables, conference tables and all other types of furniture. Custom table pads have not changed all that much since the dining table pads your family used to have. Each table pad is custom upholstered to fit your table top exactly - we make all of our table pads custom to the exact shape and size of your table. Our table pads have a vinyl top, a heat resistant table pad fiberboard innercore, and a cushiony soft velvet bottom.

Also, every one of our table protectors folds in half for easy handling and storage. In addition to dining table covers, we also offer buffet table pads, coffee table pads, linen tablecloths for any occasion, and dining table extenders to make your table larger, and pool table pads. We offer better service and lower prices on a factory direct table pad than anyone in the USA. Our table pad and tablecloths are top quality and priced below wholesale. Our company proudly sells table cover pads, table top pads, dining table pads, protective table pads, custom table pads, kitchen table pads, conference table pads, tablecloths, linen tablecloths, linen napkins, table covers, logo tablecloths, printed tablecloths. We are your one stop shop for table pads and tablecloths. You can also buy table pads online from our official website where you will get variety of table pads in colors and shapes.

The Table Pad Factory is a table pad company who manufactures Table Pads, Custom Table Pads, Buffet Server Table Pads, Kitchen Table Pads and Dining Room Table Pads to protect your treasured furniture from scratches, spills and heat damage.

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